Welcome to MCS

In Fall of 2020 our three year capital campaign and building project was completed. 10,000 square feet were added and the building was completely renovated. Exciting features were added to enhance learning and provide even more opportunities for our students to thrive in every learning environment. Our six-acre campus supports 750 students from transitional kindergarten through 8th grade. Since 1987, our commitment has not wavered and we continue to build a firm foundation through Christ-centered education.

Creative Learning Spaces

Our two Makerspaces, Wood Shop, Art Room, and Technology Labs are learning spaces that inspire students to build, create, and innovate. Just as in the academic classroom, creative learning spaces provide students with unique opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences and the design-thinking process. Our God is a creative God and He has made us to be creative as well. The exploration that occurs in these spaces provides students opportunities to discover the creative gifts God has given them and learn how to use those gifts for God’s Kingdom.

Modern Gymnasium

Our multi-purpose gym is perfect for physical education classes and the indoor sports that are part of our exciting athletic program. Believing the development of the whole child is crucial, we give our students frequent opportunities to move, strengthen, and apply physical abilities for God’s glory. Through intentional discipleship, students learn to compete, work as a team, and encourage others as Christ-like examples and leaders because it is “In God’s name we play”!

Argyros Center for Worship and Performing Arts

This state of the art, fully equipped Center for Worship and Performing Arts is phenomenal, but what happens in this space is even more so. Weekly chapels, worship services, theatrical performances, music concerts, parent Bible studies and enrichments, school events and more have their home in this sacred space.

Two Beautiful Atriums

Our two atriums bring the outdoors, indoors bringing natural light into the classroom. These spaces also provide additional outdoor learning and meeting areas that overflow with sunlight and fresh air.

Athletic Field and Playground

Students have many opportunities to play and excel through our sports programs. The turf field gives year-round access for practices and for hosting sporting events. Surrounding the field are outdoor play areas that are always full of laughter and fun as students are active and engaged with peers deepening friendships and building life-long memories.


Each classroom is designed to maximize learning opportunities and provide students with the tools and environment they need to be successful and fully engaged. Many classrooms are equipped with flexible furniture, allowing rooms to be quickly transformed for any learning activity or need.

Science and Technology Labs

We ensure that our scholars are equipped with the skills and tools needed both today and in the future. Focusing on the sciences, engineering, and technical skills students are inspired to investigate, experiment, and construct meaning. At every moment, students apply critical thinking and problem solving skills. Learning-by-doing is a hallmark practice as students engage in hands-on experiments and exercises.

Rooftop Garden

Naturally beautiful, the rooftop garden is tended by our students who plan, design, cultivate, and harvest every element of this beautiful garden. Students witness the creator God at work while gaining an appreciation and love for this world He has created. This area also provides a space for community building and is one of the most peaceful spaces on campus.

Middle School Deck

Overlooking the field, 6th-8th graders enjoy this special place for lunch, breaks, and community time. We encourage our students to nurture meaningful friendships and have designed key areas to facilitate that goal. Middle Schoolers hang out, eat lunch, play games, and share life together on the deck.

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